Sunday, 1 July 2018

CCKC Round 4

Round 4 of Castle Combe’s Adult Karting Championship took place on Saturday 16th June, on a day that started off soaking wet but ended with a bone-dry track.

After keeping pace with front-runner Tom Cardno during the fully-wet practice session, I was confident of a decent result in my first heat race as the conditions hadn’t really changed. However I struggled after starting on pole (therefore being the first kart to reach each corner on the opening lap) & the kart I was in felt nowhere near as good as the one in which I had practiced. I slipped down to 3rd by the end of the race- a bad start.
Things didn’t really improve in Heat two as I found myself being too cautious on a drying track, finishing 4th after starting 4th.

Heat 3 was an improvement with an almost fully dry track now, as I made a good start & finished 2nd from the 3rd-placed grid slot. In Heat 4 I finished a comfortable 2nd after starting from that position. 

These results put me 3rd on the grid for my semi-final, but it was to be a non-eventful race as the two drivers ahead pulled away, as I did from the guy in 4th. I had hoped that the two leaders might have tangled fighting for position, but they were separated by just enough of a gap for that not to happen. 

Failing again to reach the final left me feeling frustrated after I had shown such encouraging pace during the wet practice, but failing to convert my higher starting positions into good results in my first couple of heats. 

Must try harder..

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